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8 Simple and Effective Yoga Poses For Women

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Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.

Although there are dozens of scientific studies on its health benefits, most studies suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance.

There’s some evidence that regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with:

There are different types of yoga poses for women but each person can find a suitable type for itself.

Here are 8 yoga poses that are particularly useful for women, and are so easy and simple that can be practiced every day.

   1. Warrior 1

Yoga Pose - Warrior 1

Take a giant step back with your right foot coming towards a lunge, then turn your right heel down and angle your right toes forward 75 degrees.

Bend your left knee so it’s directly above the ankle, raise your arms directly above you, reaching strongly while facing left. Hold this position for about 30 seconds, then step forward and repeat on the opposite leg.

Why it is good for you: This yoga poses for women called Warrior 1 is a gentle backbend and a great pose for stretching open the front body (quads, hip flexors, psoas) while strengthening the legs, hips, buttocks, core and upper body.

   2. Warrior 2

Yoga Pose - Warrior 2

Stand straight and spread your feet for one leg’s-length apart.

Turn your right foot toes out 90 degrees. Raise your arms to shoulder height, parallel with the floor, palms facing down. Bend your left knee until it is directly over your left ankle while keeping the torso even between the hips.

Hold for 8-10 breaths before straightening the left leg and turning your feet to the other side to repeat on right side.
Why it is good for you: This powerful yoga poses for women will grant you long, lean, toned arms and legs, as well as a firmer core.

   3. Chair pose

Yoga Pose - Chair pose

Stand with your feet together, with your big toes touching. Beginners can stand with their feet hip-distance apart. As you raise your arms up, palms facing each other, bend your knees and lower your buttocks back as you were sitting into a chair.

Pull your abdomen in to eliminate any curving in the lower back. Shift your weight into your heels so that you could lift your toes off the floor if you wanted to.

Hold the position for five deep breaths in and out through the nose. Rest for one minute and repeat.

Why it is good for you: This yoga poses for women is strengthening the quadriceps, which provides stronger support around your knees, making them less prone to injury. Chair pose also improves posture.

   4. Downward Facing Dog

Yoga Pose - Downward Facing Dog


Come on to all fours with your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Tuck under your toes and lift your hips up off the floor as you draw them up at back towards your heels.

Keep your knees slightly bent if your hamstrings are tight, otherwise try and straighten out your legs while keeping your hips back. Walk your hands forward to give yourself more length if you need to.

Press firmly through your palms and rotate the inner elbows towards each other. Hollow out the abdominals and keep engaging your legs to keep the torso moving back towards the thighs.

Hold for 5-8 breaths before dropping back to hands and knees to rest.

Why it is good for you: This pose strengthens the upper body. During this posture, the hips are higher than the heart, so it improves overall circulation.

   5. Plank

Yoga Pose - Plank

From all fours, tuck under your toes and lift your legs up off the floor. Slide your heels back enough until you feel you are one straight line of energy from your head to your feet.

Engage the lower abdominals, draw the shoulders down and away from the ears, pull your ribs together and breathe deeply for 8-10 breaths.

Why it is good for you: This pose is simple, but requires a little more durability. It strengthens the upper body and all the major muscles of the arms, legs and the stomach.

   6. Boat

Yoga Pose - Boat

Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Tilt the upper body back and rely on your hands. Lift your feet off the floor, and then stretch your arms forward in order to be parallel with the floor.

Your body should form a wide “V”. Keep your back straight and start stretching your legs with your toes upright.

Hold this position for 10 long, deep breaths.

Why it is good for you: This yoga poses for women will help you to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the back and legs.

   7. Tree


Start with your feet together and place your right foot on your inner left upper thigh.

Press your hands in prayer and find a spot in front of you that you can hold in a steady gaze. Hold and breathe for 8-10 breaths then switch sides.

Make sure you don’t lean in to the standing leg and keep your abdominals engaged and shoulders relaxed.

Why it is good for you: Tree is an awesome standing balance to improves balance and stability in the legs.

   8. Triangle

Yoga Pose - Triangle

Start standing with your feet one leg’s-length apart. Open and stretch your arms to the sides at shoulder height. Turn your right foot out 90 degrees and your left toes in about 45 degrees.

Engage your quadriceps and abdominals as you hinge to the side over your right leg. Place your right hand down on your ankle and lift your left arm up to the ceiling.

Turn your gaze up to the top hand and hold for 5-8 breaths. Lift up to stand and repeat on the opposite side.

Why it is good for you: This is a wonderful standing posture to stretch the sides of the waist, open up the lungs, strengthen the legs and tone the entire body.


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