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7 Simple Exercises to Relieve Stress and Tension

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How to Relieve Stress

Are you struggle with stress and tension every day? Do you want to know how to relieve stress and tension in effective way?

In these article you will learn a lot about best stress relieving exercises that are known this days plus you will have chance to see a beautiful infographic with 10 great tricks about how to deal with stress.

Stress is our companion through everyday life. Active and fast lifestyle, filled with countless everyday obligations, problems and deadlines inevitably brings tension and anxiety.

Stress sometimes play a positive role – it motivates us, encourages creativity and helps us in learning and acquiring new skills. But very often it shows its bad side – creating an intolerable anxiety and panic that affect negatively on our physical and mental health.

Chronic tension may contribute to the appearance of pain in the head, neck, stomach or back.

Finding effective methods and exercises for relaxation is crucial for a more stable and happier life.

Do you feel that stress is disturbing the balance in your life? Try to minimize it with the following exercises for reducing internal tension.

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   1. Stretching the shoulders.

Place the hands on the opposite shoulders and while inhaling, lift your elbows up higher as you can. At the same time stretch your head back. While exhale return to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise for several times in order to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders and back.

   2. Reaching for the stars.

Stand up and straighten your spine. Stretch your arms up toward the ceiling as much as possible and spread your fingers at maximum.

For greater effect, take a deep breath while stretching and exhale while lowering the hands down.

Repeat about 5 times.

   3. Embracing the body.

Sit on a stable chair. Raise your legs so that your heels will be placed on the edge of the seat. Set the jowl between your knees and wrap your arms around your legs. Embrace yourself strongly for ten seconds and suddenly relax the muscles.

Repeat this 5 times.

This exercise will relax the muscles around your back and shoulders. The exercise is recommended to be done in the morning after a bad night sleep, when you feel stiffness in the muscles.

   4. Leaning forward.

Sit on the edge of a stable chair. Lean forward so that your chest will lie down on your knees, and your head and arms will hang down loosely. Breathe deeply. Then very slowly lift the bended back up and slowly straighten yourself.

Return to original position and repeat 2 more times.


   1. Evenly inhale and exhale.

The balance is good for the body. For starters, inhale while you are slowly counting to four and exhale while you count to 4. Then you can count to 6 or 8. The same exercise can help you to relax in bed when struggling to fall asleep.

   2. Slow inhaling – quick exhaling.

Inhale slowly and deeply, and exhale quickly and strongly at once. Repeat this 10 times.

   3. Inhalation and exhalation from different nostrils.

Sit straight and close your eyes. With the right thumb press down the right nostril of the nose and inhale deeply with the left nostril. With the ring finger of your right hand press down the left nostril and exhale slowly from the right. This exercise will help you relax, and filled up with oxygen and energy. It is not recommended to do it before going to bed because it will awaken you.

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10 Tricks to Deal with Stress Infographic

Do you like to learn more about how to relieve stress and anxiety. With these beautiful infographic you will learn more about 10 great tricks to deal with stress. Enjoy 🙂

10 Tricks to Deal With Stress Infographic
10 Tricks to Deal With Stress Infographic

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