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7 Best Cardio Workouts For Burning Fat

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Best Cardio Workouts

Do you practicing the best cardio workouts that is most effective in burning fat?

In this my new post I will show you the best workouts that you can practice every day and with combination of healthy food you can burn fat like never before. I use them personally almost every day, first thing in the morning and my results are stunning.

Because of that I am happier, have more inspiration for work through the day, I am more confident and my body fat percentage is always as it should.

Experts recommend 30 to 60 minutes exercise daily, and I think that this is pretty much OK. This can help you to control and reduce weight, prevent heart disease and improve strength and endurance.

With so many options, people are wondering what exercise burns the most calories.

  1. Running

running on the beach-Health Life & Fitness

Running is the best exercise you can do to burn your calories.

If you run at a speed of 7.5 mph, you will burn approximately 986 calories per hour. If you additionally add an uphill or a sprint you will burn even more calories.

  2. Roller skating

Roller skating-Health Life & Fitness

While driving rollers were popular in the ’80s, they are still ranked among the exercises that consume the most calories.

With an hour’s drive on roller skates you will burn approximately 913 calories.

  3. Jumping rope

Man jump roping-Health Life & Fitness
Man jump roping on sunny rural path

Many people jumped rope when they were children, but with the incorporation of this exercise in the daily routine, you will burn approximately 730 calories in an hour workout.

An hour can seem like much, but you can practice only 10 minutes and you will burn 122 calories.

  4. Stepper

Stepper-Health Life & Fitness

Steppers burns approximately 657 calories per hour and is a good exercise to strengthen the lower body.

  5. Jogging

Exercise-family Jogging-Health Life & Fitness

Fast running burns a lot of calories, and slow jogging at a pace of 5 mph can burn approximately 584 calories in an hour.

  6. Plyometric

Plyometrics-Health Life & Fitness
Athletes Doing Plyometrics Jumps At Gym

Plyometric, also known as a jump training, is combination of moves that works against the force of gravity.

You store potential energy in the muscles and then use this energy to do a powerful jumping or springing movement.

Box jumps, in which you jump over several high platforms in a row, or jump squats, in which you start in a squat, spring upward to launch off the ground and land again in a squat, are examples of plyometrics.

You can burn as much as 100 calories in 10 minutes if you weigh 135 pounds, but you have to push your limits the entire time: No resting, or you will diminish the calorie-burning results.

  7. Swimming

swimming-Health Life & Fitness

Swimming is a great full body exercise because all the muscles are involved. Almost all styles of swimming can burn approximately 511 calories an hour. Also swimming is a non-contact sport which means it is safe and effective for your joints.

What is a better cardio workout swimming or running?

This is very often asked and discussed issues in the fitness industry.

According to the professional fitness trainers and experts in each of these physical activities is an excellent cardio workout and enables burning calories. Yet if we compare these 2 types of cardio training we will realize that there are some important differences.

Comparing these training methods is not so simple and the effectiveness of each training method depends on a number of variables.

According to a study from the University of Sports Medicine in Florida a group of swimmers who were swimming in a pool where the water temperature was 20 degrees spent 55% more calories than swimming in a pool with a temperature of 32 degrees. Then the speed of swimming or running also has a major impact on the final number of consumed (burnt) calories.

But there are some things that are definite and clear. Swimming is a low-impact activity and is a great choice. Swimming is also a great opportunity to develop upper body, something that cannot be achieved by running.

On the other hand, when it comes to calories burned running is almost always on the first place, but this depends on the previously mentioned characteristics.

Below are shown the number of calories burned in an active athlete weighing 70 kg:

  • 30 minutes of swimming at a moderate pace equals 220 burned calories.
  • 30 minutes running at a speed (tempo) of 8 km/h (5 mph) is equal to 300 burned calories.
  • 30 minutes swimming with greater intensity equals 350 burned calories.
  • 30 minutes running at a speed (velocity) of 16 km/h (10 mph) is equal to 640 burned calories.

According to the above, if you can maintain the pace of running 10 mph and your goal is a greater number of calories burned than running should be your choice of cardio training. But if you are able to keep pace running 5 mph and at the same time you are able to swim with greater intensity than swimming should be your choice for cardio training.

For the last, I must ask you something, do you keep a workout log of how much weight you lift, right? Yes of course.

The same principle is in cardio. For excellent results you must keep track of how far you went and the tempo you used to get there.

Numbers don’t lie. Documenting your progress will keep you in tune with what works and what doesn’t.

And for the end please tell us who is your favorite cardio workout, what is your secrets for success and what hold you motivated during hard moments? Share your story and help someone in the comments below.

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