6 Must-Know Running Techniques and Tips For Beginners

Running is the simplest and most cost-effective physical activity that you lose weight without starvation, and tighten your body.

In addition, you will feel good and stay in the nature on fresh air and the spring sun. If you were not physically active for a long time, you need to prepare for the additional physical effort.

Sunny days are coming.

The clothes are starting to be easier, but the excess weight become visible that we have “earned” during the winter.

It is time to go into action.

The best way again to return to form and to wake your body is running. With this sports activity you will lose weight, you will tighten your body and you will feel happy and energized.

In addition, you will feel good and you will stay more in the nature on the beautiful spring sun. It has been proven that running has a positive effect on our psyche because during the workout the hormone of happiness is secreted.

But as for any physical activity and for running, we first need to prepare. This is especially true for those who was not physically active in a while.


When you’re starting your runing you don’t need to start in a full speed. You need to allow your body to adapt gradually as you move into it.

So before you exercise you need to prepare your body and muscles by warming it.

First step is to warm the muscles with lighter exercises, than the next step is to stretch the muscles. The process of warming up your muscles before running is very important so you can avoid painful cramps and injuries while running.

In following video you will learn everything that you need to know about warming up your muscles and prepare your body for perfect running.


When you start running you should first check your fitness condition. If in the first ten meters you are left without breath, that means you have to master the technique of breathing.

To reduce the effort it is required to inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth.

Until you log in running condition combine it with a walk, and gradually increase the time of running. If you exercise three to five times a week for a month you will be able to run 30 minutes without any problems.

In the video below you will learn how to run at your best with the most efficient breathing techniques. In this video, Coach Joe LoCascio will show you the biomechanics of breathing and how your brain plays a pivotal role in your overall performance.


You need to learn the art of properly running. While running the upper body should be held upright, and the view needs to be directed a few meters ahead. Hands should be slightly bent at the elbows and move them along the body very relaxed.

Learn more about running techniques in the video below.


For running always choose a place with a lot of vegetation away from city smog. When we are physically active breathing accelerates due to the growing need for oxygen. If the air is polluted, in the lungs enters greater amount of harmful particles that pollute the air.


People who regularly run over three continuous months can forget the strict weight loss diets.

One of the benefits that you can get by running is to lose excess weight. While running the proportion of enzymes that break down fat have increased from 10 to 80 percent.

But you should know that initially you will not lose weight because the new muscles are heavier than the fat. Also running reduces the need for sweets because it reduces the level of insulin in the blood. But still, do not forget to provide enough power for the body.

The minerals and protein are essential so the bodycan function normally. Every day consume potatoes, cereals, bananas, raisins and nuts and yogurt. Regularly take vitamin C and drink plenty of water.

While running, it is important to drink small sips of water, whether you’re thirsty, because when you feel thirsty it means that you have dehydrate.


To feel comfortable while running it is important to choose appropriate equipment. Clothing should allow perspiration and allow the body to “breathe.”

If you are not wearing appropriate shoes while running, you risk injury. Each time a foot touches the ground all the joints, knees and back are subjected to load which is only about 3 -4 times greater than your weight. Quality shoes cushion this impact.

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