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10 Ways to Transform Your Workout Routines Into A Habit

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Workout Routines Into A Habit

We all agree that it’s easy to start exercising. With one way or another you can increase your motivation and make the first step, but problems with regular exercising and established good workout routines comes a bit later.

Most people make many first steps and always fail to move on.


The answer is simple: they fail to make exercise a habit that they will not skip, just as they don’t skip their morning brushing.

It is not easy to get used to practice regularly some physical activity, but it is not an impossible mission. It is important to have the desire and will to start, and in the process of turning the exercise into a habit, the following tips can help you:

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1. Always exercise at the same time

Decide when is the best time for you to exercise, or when do you have the most free time and feel motivated –

  • morning,
  • afternoon or
  • evening.

Determine your specific time, for example 7 am if you’re an early riser or 7 pm in the evening if you are not a morning type. Choose your time and stick to your workout routines.

If you do not set a specific time for exercise you will always postpone your physical activity for later with excuses like “Now I have no energy, I will exercise later“, and those excuses can easily be transformed into “Not today, I will exercise tomorrow“.

2. For 21 days use the alarm as a reminder

It has been proven that if you do a same thing regularly during a period of 21 days, it becomes a part of your life. When you establish that kind of habit it’s much easier to find spear time for it, without having the feeling that you are forced to do it.

In order to pass that period of creating a habit more easily, use an alarm clock, who will remind you that you need to exercise.

Let the alarm ring half an hour before your workout to have enough time to prepare. After you hear the beep, start with the preparations immediately.

3. Leave the exercising equipment in sight

Do not put your sweat suits in the closet, instead leave them on the chair in the bedroom.

Do not put your exercise sneakers on a place that is difficult to reach, instead put them next to your favorite shoes that you wear most often.

Leave the pilates ball in the living room or if you own small weights, leave them near the mirror that you use most often. Give a visual reminder to the brain not to forget to exercise.

Such small reminders will encourage you to put the exercise in your priorities and they will say: “It’s Time for Action”.

4. Do not make more than one day break

Did you know that people who exercise once or twice a week more frequently skipp workouts than people who exercise three or more times a week?

The key is in consistency with your workout routines.

If you exercise on Monday and then again on Friday, it will be more difficult to turn the exercise into a habit. It’s much easier to get used to exercise regularly if you do it on every second day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or in best case every day.

5. Start with baby steps

A lot of people begin to exercise with a great enthusiasm and the first few times they overdo it to exhaustion.

But if you get exhausted at the beginning, you risk to lose the desire for regular exercise, because you’ll feel like you are torturing yourself.

At the beginning it’s enough to exercise for 20 minutes a day. As you progress, speed up the intensity and the duration of the trainings.

6. Choose an activity that entertains you

Spinning a stationary bicycle or lifting weights is really monotonous.

If you are a person who hates monotony, you would feel much better if you choose Zumba, Pilates or Tae Bo.

It is important to start the workout with a smile and to end it with a pleasure. Do not force yourself to do something that irritates you.

7. Exercise even if you are tired

Yes, exercise requires energy, but it also provides energy.

Even if you were tired before starting the physical activity, probably by the end you would feel great and will be filled with positive energy and pleasure.

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8. Look for a partner to whom exercise is already a habit

You have a friend that is persistent and never skips exercise? Join him or her. It is simpler when beside you is a person who have already pass the difficult start, because it will motivate you and advise you not to give up.

9. Do not postpone exercise, unless it’s something really urgent

And no, the invitation for a coffee with your friends does not comes into the category “immediately”.

You can always find an excuse or reason to delay the workout routines. That’s why you have to learn how to postpone other things in order to exercise, not vice versa.

Schedule the coffee meeting for later. You will feel as it is your reward for hard training.

10. Inform someone about your progress – At least in the beginning

Whether it will be your partner, good friend or you will write on an Internet forum , providing reports of your progress will motivate you to continue.

Probably you will be embarrassed to say that you have failed to comply with the plans you made, so you will put an additional effort to succeed.

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