10 Simple Ways to Live a Longer Happier Life

Modern lifestyle, stress and irregular and improper diet are increasingly associated with the occurrence of conditions and diseases that shorten life and impair their quality of life. Generations from the past centuries, although without a developed technology and science, practiced habits that provided them with years of life without a disease.

Read the ten secrets to a long, healthy and quality life.

1. Slow down the aging process of the DNA

Over the years, the protective ends of the chromosomes (telomeres) shorten naturally, and unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, irregular and improper diet) accelerate this process.

Now you have one more reason to start a healthy lifestyle that will protect your cells from aging and the occurrence of abnormalities. Changes in lifestyle can stimulate an enzyme that extends telomeres, thus enabling longer life for the cells in our body.

2. Be conscientious and responsible

A study that’s conducted over a series of decades shows that people who are responsible for their health, conscientious and responsible for their actions and always think and try to make the best of themselves, live longer.

They always select good decisions that lead to better relations with the people and career advancement.

3. Keep your friendships and wisely choose your friends

Many studies show a strong association between social activity and long life. Another reason why today you have to see with your friend and you need to maintain good relationships with your friends, colleagues and associates.

4. Quit smoking as soon as you can

A 50-year study in the UK says that the sooner we quit smoking the greater is the positive effect on your health and longevity. The study says that if you quit smoking when you are 30 years old you add a decade to your life.

Quitting this habit when you are 40, 50 and 60 you add 9, 6 and 3, years respectively.

5. Practice Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is rich with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and fish. This foods is all that you need in your body for vitality and health. This diet excludes the risk of metabolic syndrome – obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes and other factors that influence the development of heart disease.

6. Eat as Japanese People

People in Okinawa, Japan, over the past centuries lived longer than any nation on Earth.

The reason is the traditional diet rich in vegetables and low-calorie. Many of them had a habit to consume only 80% of the meal.

Unlike them, the young generation of Okinawa, introduced changes in this way of diet, and in them it is noticed shorter lifespan than their ancestors.


7. Forgive

Chronic anger is associated with the occurrence of anxiety, heart disease, stroke, impaired lung health and other problems. Learn how to get rid of all that negative energy only with one nice gesture, and it’s forgiving.

8. Wear protection

Do not forget the protective gear while biking, bike, rollers, during skiing and other sports, posing the risk of injury.

Put safety belts while you are in the car. This will prevent trauma to your body which can be a serious threat to your health.

Protective equipment applies to people who work with chemicals and other toxic materials, medical workers and all workers throughout the day in contact with potential health hazards.

When we talk about security, we must not forget to use condoms during sex. In that way we can be protected from sexually transmitted diseases.

9. Provide yourself with a good sleep

Quality sleep at night reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mood swings. A rested body can heal better and faster. Regular sleep is associated with a healthy and longer life.

10. Find the life partner and make a family

The researchers of this topic say that people who have a spouse and make a family live longer and happier than people who are single. It is due to the economic and social security that allows living in the community, especially in developing countries.